Where Can I Buy Jaeger-LeCoultre – An exclusive edition of Rendez-Vous watches Replica Buying Guide

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Jaeger-LeCoultre, official partner of the Venice International Film Festival, created an exclusive edition of watches for the occasion. The Rendez-Vous Sonatina represent the three main stages of romantic feelings: seduction, romance and love. Released in only eight pieces, these three editions have been handpainted, what makes each watch unique. Let’s discover this meticulous work in pictures and the three different watches !

It’s filigree and yet rugged in a way few motions with ~700 elements are. Each of the components seem to have substantial volume to them, nearly begging the question why so many different moves we view incorporate fragile-looking small springs and cams in their own design. The Tourbograph looks like a beautifully decorated machine which dwarfs other movements.Hidden deep within the bowels of this L133.1 is a fusée and string transmission system, designed to ensure a more even delivery of torque as the mainspring unwinds over its short, 36-hour power reserve — 36 hours is really brief, however a shorter than average power book isn’t exactly unusual one of such outrageously complex moves. The chain itself is 636 parts, but Lange counts it as you (yes, one) part in the 684 component count of the movement itself.On the wrist, the 43mm-wide and whopping 16.6mm-thick platinum instance is a hefty, hefty monster. It wears fine, but the weight of this case and the ~1,400 elements inside it can make for one very hefty watch. Weapons grade, I think is the word. Few watches make me feel invincible, but that one did in its odd way — as it, in all fairness, is a delicate thing.