Industry News: A. Lange & Söhne Moves Marketing & Comms To Berlin Replica Wholesale Suppliers

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Winding these gigantic mainsprings would be extremely laborious if this watch had been equipped with a normal winding crown, therefore A. Lange & Söhne revived the winding key from the epoch of pocketwatches, modernizing the winding mechanism using an advanced ratchet and torque limiter.When Lange established the Zeitwerk, it heralded the eye because its “new face.” The organization had taken the brand’s signature big-numeral date concept, started with the Lange 1, and employed it to the hour and minutes screens on the left and right of the dial, respectively. In the time of this introduction, then-CEO Fabian Krone described the Zeitwerk as Lange’s most crucial new watch as the Lange 1. The watch accomplished a very difficult task: the motion was able to give enough power to rotate the three comparatively heavy disks employed in its time display, two for the minutes and one for your hours, and make sure that all three disks moved at precisely the identical instant at the close of every hour. Achieving this required several complex mechanisms, such as a constant-force escapement with remontoir spring similar to that utilized in the Lange 31 (see Lange 31 thing). The watch also has a fly vane, shaped like a tiny revolving doorway, which offers air resistance and hence ensures that the disks’ jumps aren’t too forceful.

A. Lange & Söhne was founded in 1845 in Glashütte, a small, former silver mining town in eastern Germany. Soviet control saw it nationalised, but after the Berlin Wall fell the company was restablished in 1990, once again in Glashütte, still a small town with a population of about 6000.

Consequently Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid has decided to move the watchmaker’s marketing and communications team to Berlin, with the lease on its new office slated to be signed in October 2017. Watchmaking and management will remain in Glashütte, which is about 40 minutes from regional capital Dresden.

The modern day Lange Uhren headquarters that was once home to the Lange family

Having proclaimed itself “Poor but Sexy” in its tourism campaign, Berlin is now a fast growing and dynamic city that’s home to hipster cafes, hot nightclubs and tech startups (and a notoriously delayed airport).

Not poor but still sexy

The purpose of the move is to “create an ideal environment for the future digital and creative development of [Lange]”, something difficult to achieve in Glashütte, which by virtue of its size and environment isn’t a magnet for young creative professionals.

The Berlin Festival of Lights

While many watchmakers in Germany and Switzerland boast talented technical staff and artisans, recruiting employees versed in the digital economy and social media is challenging. Another Glashütte-based watchmaker, Nomos, already has its design and communications teams in Berlin, a crucial factor in the brand’s unique identity and styling according to its CEO.

Overlooking the town of Glashütte

Lange’s move is eminently sensible, and bodes well for the brand. It’s akin to a Swiss watchmaker in Le Locle or Neuchatel moving its creative team to Zurich, or even better, Paris or London.